KardioPower CHF app helps heart failure clinics reduce hospital readmission of heart failure (HF) patients by using remote monitoring with a local community support infrastructure.

KardioPower facilitates electronic inter-professional consultations that meet the 2019 CMS payment criteria.

KardioPower provides a suite of continually updated hospital and home-based patient education materials covering the whole spectrum of their cardiac condition. KardioPower utilizes short and intuitive videos that help reinforce evidence-based approaches for patients to stay healthy.

KardioPower Heart Failure Application

Heart failure (HF) affects nearly 5.7 million Americans and is the primary diagnosis for about 2 million annual hospital discharges in the United States. It is estimated that by 2030, we will see a 25% increase in prevalence, resulting in an additional 3 million people afflicted. Patents with heart failure have a very high risk of recurrent hospital admissions, amounting to significant health care spending.

Heart failure healthcare costs the US an estimated $30.7 billion each year. Out of this, inpatient admissions were the single largest proportion of this expenditure. The 30-day readmission rate, based on the most recent Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) data in patents with CHF, is 21.6%. The CHF inpatient mortality reported in major registries ranges from 4-12% and may increase to 20-25% in high-risk subgroups.

KardioPower platform offers a HIPAA-compliant smartphone app tailored to help with post-discharge follow-up of heart failure (HF) patients in a well-designed and efficient manner to help decrease hospital readmissions and help them stay healthy at home.

All HF patients will receive the KardioPower app at the time of hospital discharge. The app is programmed to check with all patients within 24 hours of discharge from the hospital and then follow-up daily. The app uses a short questionnaire consistent with recommendations from major Cardiology/heart failure societies during each of these daily follow-ups. KardioPower will use a proprietary, patent pending risk scoring algorithm based on the response to survey questions and vital signs to determine the patient’s clinical. KardioPower can then facilitate treatment of the patient in coordination with the patient’s HF care-team .

KardioPower will have the capability to incorporate data from implanted monitoring devices such as cardioMEMS or Heart Logic/OpiVol enabled ICD if the patient uses this.

KardioPower also has a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine video option for the provider to evaluate the patient at home if needed.

Electronic Inter-professional Consultations

KardioPower has developed a platform that can be used by primary care practices to facilitate early, non-emergent consultations with a Cardiologist they prefer. The service is designed to satisfy the 2019 CMS criteria for remote e-consultation reimbursement.

KardioPower Consult Suite has templates for all common diagnoses that generate a referral to cardiologists. The templates can be easily completed by the Primary Care Provider (PCP) or nursing staff at the PCPs office and electronically sent to the cardiologist’s office. The cardiologist can then make recommendations based on information available and help expedite treatment of the patient, avoiding delays with scheduling appointments, etc. KardioPower Consult Suite allows for the completion of some of the initial diagnostic work-up prior to a patient arriving at the Cardiologist’s office. This will, consequently, allow for a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan for the patient.

Patient Education

KardioPower has developed educational videos explaining various aspects of the patient’s health condition in short, animation-based, 2-minute videos. The videos include the following: (1) An explanation of the cardiac condition, natural course of the illness and how treatment effects improvement, (2) Mechanism of how common medications help improve heart function in HF patients and (3) Nutritional and lifestyle management tips for HF patients, including topics such as choosing wisely at the grocery store. This will increase patient engagement and awareness of their health situation, in-turn improving the chances of successful treatment.

KardioPower is enabling direct patient to kardiologist consultation and communication

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